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Infrared Thermometer Calibration

Comprehensive infrared thermometer equipment calibration

Infrared Thermometer calibration services are available exclusively at our Durham based laboratory. Traceable calibration is available on infrared thermometers by means of comparison with our highly accurate infrared source.

What is Infrared Thermometer Calibration

An IR Thermometer reports a temperature value based on the thermal radiation a particular object emits; and includes adjustable temperature ranges, aiming spots and distance to spot ratios to make versatile accurate measurements for every application.

Calibration of infrared thermometers or other devices such as infrared cameras involves comparing the measurements made on the device with a standard of higher accuracy. Readings on both devices are compared and evaluated against the manufacturer specification to ascertain whether the device is calibrated or requires adjustment or repair.

Why calibrate an Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers have been used across a wide variety of industries for many years but became particularly popular during the Covid 19 pandemic. The instruments allow temperature to be measured at a safe distance without having to have direct contact with the person during the process.

The accuracy of IR thermometers is affected by many factors including type of material, transparency and reflectance properties of the surface so should therefore never be used to make detailed temperature measurements. These factors make it important that IR thermometer calibration is performed on a regular basis.

How We Can Help

The IR thermometer calibration service provided at Calibrationhouse is one of the newer services that we offer and has grown on the back of needs in our existing customer base. We now see anything from hi-tech infrared cameras used in the building and surveying industry to a simple handheld device used to check a patient’s temperature. Our technicians through training and documented procedures are able to calibrate infrared thermometer units of all makes and model. Current service levels offer a traceable calibration with ISO9001 certificate

What we recommend for your Infrared Thermometer

The Calibrationhouse team recommends that all infrared thermometers are calibrated at least once a year. Some infrared thermometers used in harsh conditions may need a more regular verification; but we are happy to provide advice based on your circumstances.

We can calibrate infrared thermometers and infrared cameras at a competitive price, the calibration team keep a record of calibration dates and results in order to provide annual reminders for following year’s calibrations. Electronic traceable certificates are provided on completion of the calibration service.

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