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On-site Calibration

Our UKAS Accredited On-site Calibration Service saves you time and money

On-site calibration is available throughout the UK and first offered by Calibrationhouse on a large scale in 2006. A mix of UKAS and Traceable to National Standards calibration services are offered on a wide variety of instrument types, makes and models. The site team are backed by a state of the art laboratory located in Peterlee, County Durham.

What is On-site Calibration?

On-site calibration involves one or more of our calibration engineers attending your site to perform a calibration service on your test equipment. Details of equipment to be calibrated will all be agreed before the visit so both parties are aware of the requirement on the day.

To best calibrate our customers equipment on-site we ask that a room or space is provided within your facility for our engineer to base themselves and their test equipment on the day. The room would need to have access to mains electricity and be kept at a steady temperature throughout the calibration process.

Why is On-site Calibration Beneficial?

Calibrating test equipment traditionally involves packaging up an instrument, sending it away to a laboratory and waiting several days for it to return. Many customers therefore lose production or testing capacity whilst important test equipment is away, engineers in healthcare and biomedical sectors are also unable to verify equipment used in the care and treatment of patients if instruments are offsite.

On-site calibration gives the option to have devices calibrated in-situ on-site, allowing minimal downtime of production lines, testing and engineer servicing with most equipment calibrated and returned to service within 30 minutes. Customers also found on-site calibration reduced carriage costs and the risk of damage when being transported a between calibration laboratories and their premises.

How We Can Help?

On-site calibration was first offered by Calibrationhouse in 2006 when customers began to integrate safety testing equipment made by our brand partner Clare Instruments into their production lines. Building on these initial visits in 2006 Calibrationhouse is now able to calibrate test equipment on-site from a wide variety of different industry sectors such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical Test Equipment Manufacture/Service
  • NHS
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities

Our on-site calibration service is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable engineers located strategically around the UK for convenience and quick response to customer requirements. Some calibration visits to Continental Europe, Ireland, China and The United States have also been carried out at specialist request of our customers, which shows the popularity and capability of our services.

The on-site calibration service provided by Calibrationhouse is used extensively by NHS Trust EBME Departments and large manufacturing companies, owing to the broad capabilities on offer we can calibrate many different types and brands of instrument. This allows large organisations to save time and money by moving a service which was perhaps delivered by multiple providers to our essentially “one-stop shop” service.

What we recommend for your calibration requirements

Give us a call, send us an enquiry, or email your calibration asset list to one of our experts who will advise on pricing, capability and availability of our remote engineers. We know calibration is a hassle, let us make it hassle free for you and your staff.

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