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Digital Thermometer Calibration

High accuracy digital thermometer calibration

Digital thermometer calibration services are available either onsite at a customer’s premises or at our Durham based laboratory. UKAS standard calibration is available on digital thermometers by means of electrical simulation, all other calibration methods would be traceable to national standards.

What is Digital Thermometer Calibration

Digital thermometers are some of the most widely used measurement instruments used in industry today and are seen as the modern long-term replacement for glass or liquid in glass thermometers. Digital thermometers work on the principle that the electrical properties of a metal sensor change as temperature changes, these electrical properties are then represented as a temperature value on the digital indicator section of the device.

Calibration of thermometers with a digital indicator involves simulating changes in temperature using a more accurate temperature calibration source. Readings on both devices are then compared to ensure the thermometer is still reading within manufacturer specifications.

Why calibrate a Thermometer?

Digital thermometers can provide quick, highly responsive temperature readings as opposed to a glass device that does take time to change and settle on a reading. They also give the ability to measure wider temperature ranges due to the fact they are not limited by the thermodynamic properties of a liquid.

These devices like most test equipment can drift from manufacturer specification over time. In-accurate readings can provide significant risks to both quality and health & safety standards within healthcare, power generation, pharmaceutical and other process industries. Thermometer calibration is therefore essential to ensure confidence in these measurements by technicians and other professionals monitoring the process.

How We Can Help

The digital thermometer calibration service provided at Calibrationhouse is one of the most popular services that we offer, with customers across many different industries trusting our technicians to calibrate thermometers of many independent brands, models, and specifications. Current service levels offer a UKAS calibration on thermometers at certain values and by means of voltage simulation, direct temperature measurement or wider range of values may only be covered by a traceable ISO9001 calibration certificate.

Digital thermometers calibrated by the Calibrationhouse team are back with our customers within 5-7 working days. Calibration of thermometers is also available via our onsite service, which means an engineer will come to your location and calibrate your instrument on the day.

What we recommend for your Digital Thermometer

The Calibrationhouse team recommends that all digital thermometers are calibrated at least once a year. Some thermometers in extremely safety critical environments, perhaps with harsh conditions may need a more regular verification but we are happy to provide guidance on maintenance periods.

We can calibrate all makes and models of digital thermometer at a competitive price, whatever brand your thermometer is or wherever you have purchased it you can trust Calibrationhouse.

We would ask all customers to let us know the temperature test points they would like their digital thermometer calibrating at before sending the units to us. We do however have standard values we check if there are no specific readings to verify against. 



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