Temperature Equipment Calibration -We can take care of you temperature equipment calibration requirements

Calibrationhouse continues to expand its temperature capability and provide calibration of thermometers to a high standard. In terms of calibration we are able to offer both and electrical simulation and direct measurement check to ensure a high degree of accuracy in your instruments. Calibration can be performed across a wide range of temperatures at a number of different points in the scale depending on your requirement.

Temperature is an important measurement discipline across a wide range of industries, including: Healthcare, Food Processing/Storage, Utilities/Power Generation, Industrial Processing and Weather Forecasting/Monitoring

Owing to the nature of some temperature measurement equipment an onsite service is really beneficial. An onsite service for temperature measurement is available throughout the UK, with engineers strategically placed to meet the needs of our customers. Basic onsite tests will usually take around 30mins and be in the form of an electronic temperature simulation. We’d be keen to discuss your onsite requirements, please contact us for more information.

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Temperature equipment we can calibrate

  • Digital Thermometers
  • Infra Red Thermometers
  • Glass Thermometers
  • Thermal Imaging Equipment