Torque Wrench Calibration -High quality torque wrench from calibrationhouse

Calibrationhouse provides a specialist torque wrench calibration service both at its laboratory in County Durham and through a large network of onsite engineers throughout the UK. Torque wrench calibration is extremely important to a variety of workmen, engineers and contractors; ensuring that torque wrenches are performing within specification and the correct amount of tightening is done to any nut, bolt or fastener.

Torque wrenches that are not calibrated can lead nuts and bolts being under or over tightened, both of which can be potentially hazardous and lead to failure of the attachment. We recommend torque wrenches should be calibrated at least every 6 months to ensure accurate performance. The more a wrench is used the more it requires calibration; production units used extensively may require monthly or even weekly calibrations, however this often leads to the larger companies that can afford training and costly test equipment to carry out their own calibration of torque tools.

The level of calibration required generally depends on standards within particular industries. Calibrationhouse current service level offers a specialist calibration traceable to national standards, UKAS level calibration should be in place in 2015.

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