Pressure and Vacuum Equipment Calibration -We can take care of your pressure and vacuum equipment calibration requirements

Calibrationhouse have over 30 years experience in pressure and vacuum equipment calibration. When it comes to metrology, pressure and vacuum are two of the most sophisticated measurement disciplines there is. Pressure and vacuum instrumentation is found in the vast majority of process plants, pressurised bottles, domestic gas appliances and liquid truck containers. Periodic calibration of these instruments is a key element in keeping these plants operating both safely and effectively.

Calibrationhouse has a wide range of onsite equipment, which added to our experience and expertise allows us to calibrate a wide range of pressure and vacuum equipment. Our current capability allows us to deal with pressure and vacuum equipment of up to and including 20Bar (290.08 PSI)

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Testing to the right standard

Testing to the requirements of and working within the guidelines of BS EN837, UKAS accredited calibration is available at our fully equipped pressure and vacuum facility.

High voltage equipment we can calibrate

  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Tyre Pressure Gauges
  • BP simulators
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Bourdon Gauges
  • + more, please enquire