A list of industries we provide calibration services to.

Calibrationhouse are known for the specialist delivery of high-quality internal and on-site calibration services to a wide range of industries.

Offering calibrations to meet with the most demanding needs, harsh environments or heavy production lines, Calibrationhouse steps up to the mark. So whether your equipment being away from site for calibration costs you money; causes you a backlog of work, or prevents critical care equipment being handled in a timely fashion, you can trust that Calibrationhouse understands your needs and will work alongside you to deliver in a timely fashion.


When BAE Systems had nowhere else to turn they stepped away from using a German manufacturer of some specialised electronics equipment and instead allowed Calibrationhouse time to investigate their calibration needs.

Within a week we were calibrating their aerospace equipment that otherwise was out of commission for weeks at a time

Calibrating to such extreme tolerances and meeting with the highest levels of safety within the Aerospace industry is nothing new to Calibrationhouse, having years of experience in calibrating the widely used Cropico brand of precision test equipment. Find out more information

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Calibrationhouse provides a wide spectrum of calibration services to the UK manufacturing industry. At the heart of our operations lies the ethos ‘time is money’. Through our minimised downtime we ensure maximum return when it comes to equipment ROI.

Our standard manufacturing calibration services are available to meet government, ISO, and many other unique statutory and quality requirements of various manufacturing areas. Our calibrations can also be delivered on-site to a UKAS standard.

For over 10 years, we have specialised in meeting or exceeding each of our client’s unique requirements. Find out more information


With a catalogue of over four thousand pieces spanning 50 different types of medical equipment; to say Calibrationhouse has medical calibration experience is an understatement. With a wide portfolio of NHS trusts across the UK, all dedicated supporters of our on-site calibration delivery, they are not alone as many of the UK Ambulance services have seen what our on-site calibration service can do for their productivity levels.

Critical care equipment remains in service for longer. Also offering a wide range of services including calibration and repair to the Rigel Medical brand; Calibrationhouse is a medically known brand to recognise and trust. Find out more information

Trust Calibrationhouse

Over 100 NHS sites and a large majority of ambulance services trust Calibrationhouse with their calibration of medical test equipment. You can trust Calibration house too.

Rapid Turnaround

Our standard medical device calibration turnaround time can be as little as 3 days when carried out at our UKAS accredited lab.

On-site calibration

We also offer UKAS calibration on a range of medical test equipment at your premises, reducing your downtime, carriage, insurance and equipment hire costs. Keeping your medical test equipment at your site is much more convenient and safer for you…and that’s what matters to us.


Our UKAS accreditation stands testament to our ability to offer a quality driven service and expansion into medical parameters allows certification to ISO17025 standards for a range of medical test equipment such as defibrillator analysers, patient simulators, NIBP simulators, electrical safety analysers and many more.